BYD BD11 launched: a new double decker EV bus for UK market

BYD has raised the curtain on a new EV double decker bus model customized for the UK market. The model, named BYD BD11, features Blade Battery modules integrated in the chassis. The bus, specially tailored for London, is set to enter service later this year.

BYD has raised the curtain on a new EV double decker bus model customized for the UK market. The model, named BYD BD11, features Blade Battery modules integrated in the chassis. The bus, specially tailored for London, is set to enter service later this year. And plans are in place “for a provincial model to follow soon after”, BYD states.

The new bus is 10.9 meters long and can accommodate up to 90 passengers. Until now, BYD has been providing EV buses, as well as double-decker models, within a joint venture with Alexander Dennis. Now ADL has developed a in-house electric bus range (although in late 2023 the company stressed that “in addition to its next-generation buses, Alexander Dennis will continue to sell and support electric buses built in partnership with BYD“).

The BYD BD11 is the first in-house developed e-bus by BYD offered to the UK market. The unveiling took place at the London Bus Museum, that also houses the first electric bus with a BYD K9E chassis dedicated to the London public transport network. In the UK over 1,800 BYD e-buses are currently in operation, with a total operating mileage of more than 80 million miles.

BYD BD11 features Blade Battery modules

The BYD BD11 becomes the latest vehicle to feature BYD’s renowned Blade Battery with a capacity of up to 532 kWh. It offers flexible and rapid charging options, supporting dual-gun charging and pantograph fast charging up to 500kW, which means that the BYD BD11 can be recharged in the shortest possible time, from 0 to 100 per cent in just two hours, the group states.

The Blade Battery is integrated into the chassis to save weight, increase driving range, and afford high levels of stability and maneuverability, while also increasing interior space for passengers.

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