Citroën Wins Auto Trader Sustainability Initiative Award

Citroën has been awarded the Sustainability Initiative at the 7th annual Auto Trader New Car Awards. The Sustainability Initiative category is evaluated by independent experts from the Carbon Literacy Project. The judges praised Citroën’s commitment to sustainability, as evidenced by the brand’s training of staff on sustainability and environmental issues and ensuring that sustainability is reflected in business decisions.

Citroën has been named Sustainability Initiative winner in the Auto Trader New Car Awards 2023. The judges commended Citroën’s active involvement in the Carbon Literacy Project, as well as the innovation and creative thinking behind the Ami 100% Electric quadricycle and Oli concept vehicle.


Designed for businesses operating in urban and urban areas

Citroën revealed Oli in the autumn of last year. The concept vehicle is made from 100% recycled materials and features a 40kWh battery with a 248-mile range (WLTP). Oli’s parts can be reused and recycled throughout ownership to prolong its lifecycle. The seats are simply constructed and are made of 80% fewer parts than usual. The body panels are made of an innovative corrugated honeycomb recycled cardboard, reinforced with polyurethane resin – making them just as strong as conventional panels, but 50% lighter. Throughout the development of Oli, simplicity and reduced weight were key. Less weight means a smaller battery and fewer precious resources required to travel the same distance.

Citroën Ami 100% Electric is a modern mobility solution and a sustainable response to the environmental challenges faced within many cities. Ami 100% Electric emits zero emissions and has a 5.5kWh battery that can be fully charged in just four hours, offering drivers a range of up to 46 miles (WLTP). Ami is also available as My Ami Cargo with a payload of up to 140kg, a maximum load capacity of 400-litres and a tight 7.20m turning circle. My Ami Cargo is designed for businesses working in urban and city areas.

“Sürdürülebilir kentsel mobilitenin geleceğine yönelik benzersiz, akıllı ve yaratıcı vizyonunu yansıtıyor”

Erin Baker, Editorial Director at Auto Trader, said: “Creating repairable, reusable and recyclable products is an essential step in decarbonising the automotive industry and Citroen, with products like the Ami and Oli, has clearly demonstrated that this is not only a possibility, but the future of car manufacturing. Our judges were impressed with Citroen’s commitment to putting sustainability at the centre of their business, educating staff from the ground up on sustainability and environmental issues, and ensuring this is reflected in all their business decisions.”

Greg Taylor, Managing Director of Citroën UK, commented: “It’s fantastic that our commitment to sustainability has been recognised at the Auto Trader New Car Awards. For us at Citroën, the future isn’t all about ever-bigger batteries, huge EV range and massive electric SUVs. Instead, we believe it’s time to think about how to do things differently. Oli and Ami 100% Electric reflect the brand’s unique, clever and creative vision for the future of efficient and sustainable urban mobility.”

Elsewhere at the Auto Trader Awards, 20 of the 23 categories were determined by 220,000 UK car owners, sharing their thoughts and opinions on the cars they own. However, the Sustainability Initiative award was judged by independent experts from the Carbon Literacy Project, an organisation that brings people and organisations from different walks of life to advance understanding and action on climate change.

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