Electric Solaris Buses to Bring Children to School in Another Five Communes

Electric Solaris Buses to Bring Children to School in Another Five Communes

More Polish communes have opted to purchase electric Solaris school buses. Pałecznica, Działoszyce, Krasnopol, Przedecz and Troszyn have received subsidies from the NFOŚiGW (the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management) as part of the 2nd edition of the “Kangaroo: A Safe and Environmentally Friendly Way to School” programme. Solaris won bids for all five communes.

As part of the “Kangaroo: A Safe and Environmentally Friendly Way to School” programme, Polish communes receive subsidies from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management for the purchase of zero-emission school buses. The 2nd edition of the programme has aroused significant interest among local authorities. The funds will be granted to 16 communes. Among them there are the communes of Pałecznica near Cracow, of Działoszyce near Kielce, of Troszyn in the Masovia region, of Krasnopol near the town of Suwałki, and of Przedecz, located between the cities of Konin and Kutno. The tenders in these communes have already been awarded. The winning bids were submitted by Solaris, which will deliver electrically-powered school buses to those locations.

The Solaris school e-buses will not release any noxious exhaust fumes into the atmosphere. The pupils’ comfort will be enhanced by the smooth operation of e-motors without any noise or excessive vibrations, as well as by efficient air conditioning. The Urbino 12 electric school buses ordered by the communes of Pałecznica, Przedecz and Troszyn will boast a similar configuration. They will offer space for up to 41 young passengers. To ensure the highest safety level, all seats on board will have seatbelts. Moreover, the vehicles will feature a video surveillance system.

Depending on the contract

The source of energy for the school buses will be Solaris High Energy batteries with a capacity of (depending on the contract) from 260 to 350 kWh. Such a configuration guarantees that the requirements of all communes will be met, for all road and weather conditions, which is of extreme importance on suburban routes. The buses will be charged using 40 kW mobile chargers, which form part of the orders.

As is typical for vehicles for school transportation purposes, the electric school buses will be painted orange. Additionally illuminated signage informing people of the transport of children will be placed on the front and rear panels of the vehicle. What is more, orange beacon lights, that turn on automatically when the bus doors open, will be mounted on the bus roof, in the rear section.

Solaris is Europe’s leading producer of electric buses. So far, it has delivered over 1000 e-buses with various configurations to 18 European countries. Among them, there are three electric vehicles dedicated to the transportation of children and youngsters. They take pupils to school in three Polish communes: Godzianów, Gręboszów and Bielany.