Premium charging means easy, quick charging in a pleasant environment

Charging should be an effortless and relaxed aspect of owning an electric car – owners should not have to compare prices or be tied to charging stations from a particular provider every time they charge. Jens van Eikels, Head of the Charging Project House at AUDI AG, a central hub for all issues relating to charging, infrastructure, and technology understands what electric car drivers want and expect. In this interview, Eikels gives expert insight into how Audi plans to make the charging process and its various charging and service offerings, even more simple for users.

Why is Audi focusing so intensively on the topic of charging?

Jens van Eikels: Put simply, the success of e-mobility will depend on three factors. First, of course, the cars have to be enticing. This applies above all to their quality and charging performance, which is very important to us at Audi. It is important to us that the charging curve of our electric models remains at a high level over a long period. This means that the cars charge a lot for a long time. Another important factor is connectivity, specifically the connection between a smartphone and the vehicle, so that drivers can reliably plan charging stops along the route, and if need be, air-condition the vehicle prior to use. The third important pillar is charging and service offerings.

 premium charging
Head of the Charging Project House at AUDI AG

We distinguish between charging at home and charging on the road, with a focus on long-distance mobility with the option to charge conveniently at home and abroad, including quick charging in urban centres – essential for drivers who do not have access to a charging facility at home or at work. At the Charging Project House, we are working on all charging scenarios to develop convenient solutions for all of our customers.

How does Audi plan to transform charging from a necessity into a premium experience?

Van Eikels: It is important that we have an adequate range of services for all charging needs; this commitment is the basis for a positive charging experience. To me, premium charging means easy, quick charging in a pleasant environment – our Audi charging hubs already cover all of these bases, including Plug and Charge functionality. At compatible charging stations, the vehicle automatically authorizes and activates the station when the charging cable is plugged in, facilitating automatic billing.

We also use cable holder systems in all of our charging hubs, for both an ergonomic design and additional convenience, whilst accessible charging plugs, and large informative displays round off the positive charging experience. The Audi charging hub in Nuremberg features a comfortable waiting lounge, while other locations are situated in lively urban areas with high-quality restaurants or shopping facilities. From 2024, a new solution will mean that customers who do not yet have an Audi charging hub nearby will also be able to use their charging time sensibly and according to their personal needs.



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