Togg Launches Mode Art Platform Bringing Art and Digital Together

Togg transforms smart devices into an art gallery with Mode Art, the world’s first online digital art publishing platform, which describes the concept of USECASE Mobility®️, which it has registered globally, with art, which is a universal language. Concepts such as ‘Human-Technology’, ‘East-West cultures’, ‘Mind-Heart’, ‘Unity-Multiplicity’ in the world of duality, meet with users on T10X screens.

USE CASE Mobility®, which represents the features it defines as user-centric, smart, emphatic, connected, autonomous, shared and electric, expresses the concept of USE CASE Mobility® with digital art. Togg presents the world’s first online digital art publishing platform, Mode Art, to its users. Mode Art, a digital art application developed by Togg’s digital platform Trumore and Neva XR, turns smart devices into an art gallery. With this app, users can view and display original digital artworks on their T10X; it can download works and turn the background into an art gallery.


Aesthetic way to customize smart device

Mode Art gives a new direction to the quest for aesthetics by providing the opportunity to customize the interior ambience of the smart device. It also allows users to display their own NFT collections. With the application, art lovers have the opportunity to discover works of art around the world and examine the works of artists closely, while accessibility to digital works of art increases.

Featuring unique collections and artists

In the Mode Art application, artists such as ‘Human-Technology’, ‘East-West’, ‘Mind-Heart’, ‘Unity-Multiplicity’, who produce works based on Togg’s world of duality, Can Büyükberber, Nohlab, Mehmet Kızılay, Selay Karasu, Ahmet Works by Said Kaplan, Güvenç Özel, Tiber Ergür and Berkan Alkan are featured. Users can choose from unique collections, each of which is titled ‘Anatolian Heritage’, ‘Extraterrestrial’, ‘Machine Visions’, ‘Neo-Nature‘, ‘Art of Light’, ‘Spectrum’ and ‘Beyond Reality’.

There is also music therapy

Another feature of the application is music therapy. Mode Art, which offers users the opportunity to meditate with music, creates a unique music library option by combining the depths of classical Turkish music with the healing power of sound.

Those who do not have a smart device will also be able to view the collections on the Mode Art page on Trumore. The Mode Art app is available to Trumore digital premium members and is installed as standard on T10X deliveries in 2023.

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