VanMoof reveals its very first hyperbike (Galleries)

The VanMoof V will disrupt the high-speed bike category with a bike optimized for long commutes with first deliveries late 2022.

VanMoof reveals its very first hyperbike

Today, category-defining Dutch e-bike brand VanMoof has announced a new, faster e-bike that will redefine city mobility for good. The VanMoof V is the brand’s first high-speed e-bike and will offer riders a true car replacement for everyday life in cities and beyond. With integrated speed settings to match country regulations, the VanMoof V will be capable of hitting speeds up to 50 km/h or 31 mp/h. It will be full of new features optimized to shrink even the biggest cities.

New default for city travel

The VanMoof V is designed to keep the joy and simplicity of riding a bike, while adding the benefits of more power and speed. Featuring two-wheel drive, front and rear suspension, thicker tires and a new iconic frame design, the VanMoof V will be optimized for smoother and longer-distance riding. The bike’s dual motors will provide more powerful acceleration, while intelligent motor control will enhance traction for safety and performance. The VanMoof V will be packed with the latest signature VanMoof tech including the much-loved Turbo Boost, Kick Lock for keyless locking, automatic gear shifting, and Theft Defense.