DOMO’s TECHNYL® PURE: A Game-Changer in Hydrogen Fuel Cell

DOMO demonstrates TECHNYL® polyamides effectively limit ion migration, helping to reduce the conductivity of fuel coolant. ECHNYL® PURE outperforms reference materials in H2 fuel cell cooling circuit performance, resulting in a six fold increase in the ion filter lifetime.

DOMO Chemicals, a global leader in the production of high-quality engineered materials and sustainable solutions, has made a landmark breakthrough with its TECHNYL® polyamides, drastically reducing coolant conductivity in hydrogen fuel cell stacks. This innovation, supported by comprehensive testing, establishes TECHNYL® as the premier choice for enhancing fuel cell stack performance and durability.

Historically, polyamides (PA) were not considered optimal for cooling circuits in hydrogen fuel cell technology due to concerns about ion leaching and increased coolant conductivity. However, DOMO’s latest research overturns these assumptions, demonstrating that TECHNYL polyamides effectively limit ion migration, thereby maintaining lower coolant conductivity and extending system longevity.


“Our research reveals the ‘polyamide paradox,'” says Maarten Velveeta, Director Application Center at DOMO

“Contrary to previous beliefs, ıt grades have a positive impact on the fuel cell cooling circuit. Their chemical interaction with the coolant reduces its conductivity, significantly enhancing system longevity and leading to a five to six fold increase in the lifetime of ion filters. This effectively reduces maintenance requirements and associated costs,” adds Maarten Veevaete.

TECHNYL® PURE, a top-tier formulation designed to minimize ion leaching, consistently maintains lower coolant conductivity from the outset. This innovative material surpasses traditional solutions*, offering a more efficient and durable option for hydrogen fuel cell cooling loops.

The TECHNYL® range for the fuel cell cooling circuit caters to specific customer requirements, offering a variety of grades including PA6 and PA66-based alternatives alongside the flagship TECHNYL® PURE. Discover the optimal solution for enhancing your hydrogen fuel cell cooling loop’s performance and longevity by contacting the TECHNYL® team.






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